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Before I decided to buy the New iPad Wifi + Cellular 32 GB I think that if the ipad will really helpful for me or not. This is because I do not want to spend much money away without really getting benefits.

To be sure the iPad will really helpful for me, then I read the information about the iPad from Apple site. There are some features that could make me confident to buy iPad i.e some features that associate with the presentation, reading and watching movies. This is because I love reading and have much chance to read some of the material in the ebook although there are some books that I have printed. In conjunction with the presentation, I think that the iPad is very useful, very easy and simple for the sharing of material when I fill out a seminar or workshop that I normally do. Consideration is small, not heavy and the technological sophistication that is inside it. It seems that iPad was  supported by the retina display and support for HD 1080. Incidentally, I love watching movies :). Actually if I share one by one will not quite be discussed here, because I’m too excited to buy the iPad 🙂 .

At first I just want to buy iPad without additional accessories, but after seeing the function of some accessories that are offered by the iPad store to me, I finally decided to buy a smart case, screen protector, stylus, Apple care, Micro sim card, and VGA adapters for the iPad .  * Complicated 🙂 *

I immediately did Jailbreak to my iPad so I can more freely use the iPad as needed ( such as install Metasploit framework and can install the cracked apps :).

Note that it is true if the iPad is very durable because its battery can be used for 10 hours. Amazing 🙂

Thanks Apple ^ _ ^

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