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WiMAX has gained significant momentum over the last year. Its standardization is complete, vendor and operator ecosystems are expanding, and the hype is getting louder, often justifiably so.

Inset shows the result of asking the participants ” Has your business considered investing in WiMax”.

In this report, we move beyond the hype and theoretical discussion; we look at real-world examples of pre-WiMAX deployments and review practical issues such as time-to-market, business models and pricing, device availability, economics of scale and spectrum availability, with an emphasis on a number of key questions, most notably, can WiMAX challenge 3G?

The answer will eventually be determined by the operator community, so we surveyed about 100 operators to tune into their views, investments plans, expectations and concerns in respect to WiMAX. With 78 percent of the surveyed operators considering an investment in WiMAX, we believe the promise of WiMAX is compelling and the technology warrants further examination.

The result is an in-depth, case-study based analysis about the viability of WiMAX, and the potential threat it poses to 3G. We include over 20 pages of specific market forecasts, case studies, analyses of competitive landscapes by region, and overview of current deployments. Finally, we include a regionalized breakdown of operators’ responses to 23 questions about their plans for WiMAX.

Key Questions Answered
Does mobile WiMAX perform better than 3G?
Will mobile WiMAX be cheaper than 3G?
How will mobile WiMAX IPR affect the 3G value proposition?
Which players have the best case for deploying mobile WiMAX?
What is the current operator perception of mobile WiMAX? What do operators believe is the primary driver for its success? The largest obstacle?
Where are the most attractive opportunities for mobile WiMAX? How will spectrum availability, licensing procedures, market competition, and technology time-to-market impact certain markets?
What is the size of the WiMAX opportunity in key sample markets (France, India, Mexico and the US)?

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