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this is an article that i get from the thc
ma be for many person this article is old. but i just wanna share that article..
if this useful for u, lets read carefully. but if not, please close this page immediately 😉
WArnig : this article just for education, never abuse !
author doesnt responsible about your risk ..

—-[ Introduction

This article describes possible backdoors through different firewall architectures. However, the material can also be applied to other environments to describe how hackers (you?) cover their access to a system.

Hackers often want to retain access to systems they have penetrated even in the face of obstacles such as new firewalls and patched vulnerabilities. To accomplish this the attackers must install a backdoor which a) does it’s job and b) is not easily detectable. The kind of backdoor needed depends on the firewall architecture used.

As a gimmick and proof-of-concept, a nice backdoor for any kind of intrusion is included, so have fun.

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