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Just be carefull with your KTP SIUP or other document related to register your *.id domain.

Why ?? because there is one of bug at the register
with that bug (call session cookies), we can get your KTP SIUP or other documents.
How to ?? Simple, we just log in to register and put the target’s document url on the browser and we can see/download the KTP or SIUP.

To get the target’s document url, u can try to yourself document url (the way is login-klik Documnet management and then use your imagination and your hacking logic :)).

That is very simple. and so u can do with others domain target’s (use your imagination again !! :))

This is just for information and may be useful for register so the depkominfo can patch the hole..
Not to destruct or abuse !!!. Only u take responsibility not others!!.

Thanks for your attention!! 🙂

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