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Research Group Recruitment

Mobile Communication Laboratory, one of the well known laboratory in mobile communication research and development, are inviting highly qualified person for Laboratory Research Group position for each division:

1. Cellular Networks code: CN

Job desk:
· Introduction cellular technology and evolution
· MSC AMPS EMX 500 + BTS operation and maintenance
· RF Planning
· MATLAB / SIMULINK research, application and simulation
· Software and hardware application analysis and research

Special requirements:
· Students of STT Telkom
Topic for paper:
· Next generation on cellular technology (4th generation Ex. ATDMA, OFDM, MCCDMA, UWB, MIMO etc.),
· Broadband wireless access,
· Hardware of wireless technology,
· Enhanced 3G (HSDPA), etc.

2. Mobile Application code: MA
Job desk:
· OOP concept with Java and C++
· Developing BREW application
· Mobile Operating System, J2ME application
· Developing Symbian C++ application
· Developing LBS and implementation
· Software engineering SMS/MMS
· SMS/MMS application and implementation
· Developing WAP and implementation
· Developing mobile internet application (streaming, chat, etc)

Topic for paper:
· OOP in JAVA, Comparison BREW and J2ME,
· Developing VAS with J2ME, BREW,
· Symbian OS, Palm OS, and .Net platform,
· GPS and LBS Implementation,
· Messaging Evolution and SMS/MMS Cellular network,
· Developing SMS or MMS application,
· WAP Gateway Implementation, Value Added Service with WAP,
· Comparison XHTML and WML,etc.

Special requirements:
· Students of STT Telkom
· Know some programming language

General Requirements (for all division) :
Good command of English and Good communication.
Good knowledge about basic cellular concept.
Self motivated, creative , dynamic, self confidence and teamwork ability.
Qualified in special requirements in each division you will choose

Suitable qualified applicants are invited to apply no later than Sept 24 th, 2007 at 23:59:59 pm after this advertisement together with :

Application letter (with your division choice) (in english)
Curriculum Vitae (in english)
Academic Transcript
Latest photograph (4 x 6 cm) 2 pc
Paper (choose one topic in the list, suitable with your division choice) :
(in Indonesian, 2 pages minimum, font :Arial, line spacing1,5 )

Please send it (directly to laboratory) in A4 envelope :

Mobile Communication Laboratory
STT Telkom Bandung E – 203
Jl Telekomunikasi no 1, DayeuhKolot
Bandung 40257
CN –> Blue Envelope
MA –> Yellow Envelope

and write your division code choice in Top Left your A4 envelope !!!!!

More Info :

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