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Dear all , how are u today ? what’s happened today ? I hope everything gonna be ok .

In this moment, I’d like to share about “Help backup the lazy admin” . I hope u could get the point when the first time u read the title . But if u’re not able to get the point, Let me to share about it.

As we know, there are many lazy admin in this digital cyber world. Whatever the reason, although there is an admin may be forget if he has the server :LOL: . Yeah it’s can be shown from the lastlog :p.

If  u’re a lazy admin, let me know to backup your server hehe, I’m Happy if I could help u 😀

What’s the backup ? Backup is similar to copy some file / some directory. Or copy whole the data in the server . If u have pwn3d some web server and got the shell access , It’s important to do a backup . Because someday, u could help the admin if they need ur help .  In this small tips / small article we could use the mc command to do this. What’s the mc ? u could read more details in here (don’t lazy please).

In this case, I’m using terminal of my macbook. Then I’d like to try do a backup from the pwn3d server via “mc” command into my macbook.  Below the steps :

  1. login to your terminal and run the mc command : sh-3.2# mc
  2. In the mc window, please enter the F9 on the keyboard
  3. Point to the Right menu  –> Shell link
  4. Enter the machine name / the pwn3d machine , for example :
  5. Input the password correctly.
  6. Found and locate to the directory or the files that u’d like to copy . for example : /home/lazyadmin/public/
  7. In the mc window, please enter the F5 to start copying directory / files.
  8. Just wait until the copying process have finished.
  9. Congratulation, u have finished do a backup .

You could see the details below :

I think it’s more effective when u have do tar -czvf to the target directory before do a backup, So u just need to copy the result of tar -czvf .

The last, I’m so sorry to the admin because I have backup ur server up to 12 GB data . Because there is no response from u when i have contact u for one month ago. I think It’s better for me to help u for backup ur server.

I hope this is useful for u all, and Warning !! this is just for educational only. All the risk was belong to u.

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