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Some weeks ago, I decided to buy a vBulletin license for official backtrack indonesian communityindobacktrack because indobacktrack is a community based ( backtrack indonesian community ). I think vBulletin is the best choice for a community board.

At the first time I buy the forum licensed of vBulletin, Then I think it’s need to upgrade the license to vBulletin publishing suite. It’s because indobacktrack will be developed to enlarge the community.

Becaue Since 2008, I’ve used the worpdress for indobacktrack , I need to migrate / import the wordpress databases into vBulletin.
I’ve try to import wordpress into vBulletin using impex. But unfortunately the import wasn’t successfully 🙁

is it because of the wordpress version or impex that was no longer support yet ?

Let me know if you have an experience import wordpress into vBulletin :). Please share here. 🙂

To all of members of indobacktrack, please kindly wait until the wordpress has been imprted into vbulletin 🙂

Thank you

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