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I just need to make a small note about how to open library folder in Mac OS X Mountain Lion . It’s because I often forget if I’d like to open library folder. Hopefully this small note is useful for you 😉 . OK let’s go ..

I usually open the library folder when I need to copy a library such as Thunderbird library to be back up. By default , the library folder in Mountain Lion was hidden . It’s very easy to open or show the library folder . We’re able to open the library folder using Finder or show it using shell/ terminal in Mac OS X Mountain Lion . Please take a look below :

  1. Using finder . Click the finder Then hold down “Option” key while clicking “Go” in the finder menu
  2. Using shell / terminal . Just change the directory using “cd” command to the library folder ( cd /Users/fl3xu5/Library ) then listing the directory using “ls” command. If you’d like to copy some files you’re able use the “cp” command . Please  take a time to learn about shell command 🙂

Is there any questions ? 

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