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As an iPad user, I usually take files from My MacBook to My iPad using iTunes with sync process. And It needs a lot of time especially when the file size is big ( 5 GB ) .  Then I just curious how to transfer easily and instantly the files like transferring files from the USB flash disk.

After i do some search on, I found the ifileexpress that allow me to instantly take files from My MacBook . And it’s amazing because when i try to take HD video ( 900 MB ) just need a few of minutes. Beside that, I’m able to take the music albums and .pdf file quickly.  You must try 🙂 .

Below the small resume how to install and use the ifileexpress :

  1. Install the ifileexpress in the iPad and ifunbox in the PC / MacBook
  2. Run the ifileexpress
  3. For Mac OS X user, Run the iFunbox then drag and drop file to “User Applications -> iFileExpress ” in the iFunbox menu. Then Refresh the ifileexpress by clicking the refresh icon in the ifileexpress menu
If you’ve successfully taken the files to your iPad , Just quick open the iFileExpress then choose the files you’d like to open 🙂 .
Happy Taking files from your PC/Mac to your iPad


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