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As an exploit framework, metasploit have many modules.  Sometimes the module couldn’t be loaded after we update the metasploit  via msfupdate command . One of the module that usually couldn’t be loaded is like below :

[-] WARNING! The following modules could not be loaded!
[-] /opt/metasploit/msf3/modules/post/windows/gather/credentials/outlook.rb: SyntaxError /opt/metasploit/msf3/modules/post/windows/gather/credentials/outlook.rb:35: syntax error, unexpected tLSHFT, expecting ‘)’

This issue was occurred in the BackTrack 5 R 3 after update the metasploit.  If you’re having this issue, you’re able to solve this issue by deleting the outlook.rb file in the file systems . The small steps for deleting the file are :

  1. From the GNOME Menu, please Go to Places –> Search for files. In the name contains field, input this : outlook.rb , then choose the “file system” in the look in folder field
  2. Delete all outlook.rb files found.
  3. Update the metasploit via msfupdate command
  4. Re run the metasploit via msfconsole command


 Done 🙂 and I hope this is useful for you all of my friends 

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