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After I update My BackTrack 5 R3 using apt-get update and apt-get upgrade , there is an issue with Metasploit ( msfconsole and msfupdate can’t run via console / Just blinking cursor ) .

First I just curious in the msf3 directory and I found the msf3 directory in the /opt/metasploit was empty. I try to unzip to create the msf3 directory, and It was successfully then I run msfconsole again. But after I run msfconsole the issue was not solved yet as well as with the msfupdate 🙁 .

Then I just remember that the Metasploit will allow user to update the metasploit from git protocol. OK then I’m reading the manual of Metasploit’s github. And Finally the issue was solved by following the two steps below :

  1. cd /opt/metasploit
  2. git clone  msf3

git clone metasploit

After the git clone process finished, try to run msfconsole again.

Now I’m able to run msfconsole and msfupdate :



I hope this is useful for you 🙂 & I’d like say thanks to esmnemon in

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