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In the wireless penetration tester, ALFA AWUS036H is one of my favorite devices. It’s because the device support packet injection. Beside that, the device has an amazing Tx-Power 30 dBm = 1000mW = 1 W. For better performance during the penetration testing, I usually set the Tx-Power to the maximum (30 dBm) in the BackTrack 5 R3.

Before that, let’s check the default dBm the ALFA AWUS 036H in BackTrack 5 R3 :

default dBm ALFA AWUS 036H in BackTrack 5 R3


From the picture above indicate that the default dBm of ALFA AWUS 036H in BackTrack 5 R3 is 20 dBm.

OK, let’s set the Tx-Power of ALFA AWUS036H to the max ( 30 dBm) :

  1. Shutting down the wireless interface : ifconfig wlan0 down
  2. Set the regional device to BO ( Bolivia ) which is allowed we set Tx-Power to 30 dBm : iw reg set BO
  3. Set the Tx-Power to 30 dBm : iwconfig wlan0 txpower 30

Now, the txpower ALFA AWUS 036H is 30 dBm


I hope this is useful for you 🙂 . If you need to buy the ALFA AWUS 036H , please contact me  by mention me in the twitter 


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