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As We know that if we’d like to extend the Apple Warranty we need an AppleCare Protection Plan. My MacBook Pro warranty limited to Oct 2013, so I buy the AppleCare Protection Plan in this month. I usually just buy the AppleCare from the Apple Premium Reseller then register it online without any Proof of Purchase.

But in this time, Apple asks me to provide some Proof of Purchases ( MacBook ProAppleCare Protection Plan Proof of Purchases ) . Because I miss placed the Proof of Purchases I couldn’t continue registering the AppleCare. I try to make a call to my best friend in the Apple Premium Reseller to ask about this issue. He told me that now Apple need some Proof of Purchase documents because there are many frauds by some people who sell the invalid AppleCare Protection Plan code.

Then I went to the Apple Premium Reseller to meet and ask him to help me. He asks me to provide a photo of the AppleCare Protection Plan Box include the Registration number, My MacBook Pro serial number, My identity card, and Apple ID.  He kindly helps me contact the Apple Support by email then My AppleCare Protection Plan registration is complete in the day after 🙂 .

My MacBook Pro Coverage

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