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When we’re online in the Internet we always need to have some accounts including the password. For example to sign in to ebay, amazon, internet forums, etc. And of course, we should differ the password of each account for security reason. take a moment to read why important not to use one password for all accounts here.

We’re impossible to remember all of our account and the password. So we need a password manager for that.  For OS X user, we’re not worry for those, because there is a Keychain Access to manage the password.  Beside that, it will sync our password to other devices using iCloud. Integrated with Safari to generate a suggested password if We wish, so we don’t need to create a new password when creating a new account in the Internet.

if we forget the password for some accounts, we only need to open the Keychain Access and click the iCloud keychain in the left sidebar and click the password . It’s so easy 🙂

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