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As usual, I always excited with the new OS X. I just finish install the latest OS X ( OS X El Capitan ) on my MacBook Pro. I decide to do clean install. It’s more stable and lighter than doing upgrade from the OS X Yosemite. The one thing that must be done is backup the data into an external disk through Time Machine. For this time, I decide to erase all of my disk partition into one partition on my Macbook Pro. So I need more time to backup and restore the data through the Time Machine.

Once the OS X El Capitan has been installed successfully, I continue to :

  1. Set up the iCloud
  2. Restore the data
  3. Install some applications
Set up the iCloud 

There is an interesting thing during the iCloud setup, that the keychain access can’t show the “Secure Notes”. That means all of items ( notes ) couldn’t be shown on the “secure notes”. I know it will make you feel the frustration especially if you like wrote a notes in the “secure notes” keychain. I’ve tried to enable and disable the “Keychain” on the iCloud system preferences but nothing results :(. Then I try to “Add keychain” through the File -> Add Keychain option on the Keychain Access menu and It works :).

Restore the data 

Although I use the Time Machine to Backup the data, I decide to manual restore data by copying them manually. That’s because I just need to restore my own data ( not related to the system ).

Install some applications

I do re install some applications through the .dmg source files and some applications through the App Store. I just copy and paste the keynote, pages, and numbers because It’s too large file size if I’ve to download through the App Store. For now the most important application is VMware Fusion because I’ve been playing the VM for preparing the next Offensive Security course ( WiFu & CTP ).

And here is my desktop background 🙂

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