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Here I’d like to share the simple way to create OS X El Capitan Installer Bootable USB Flash Drive. I’ve tried this way through the OS X El Capitan on My MacBook Pro. You’re able to follow the instruction below through your current OS X ( for example : OSX Yosemite,etc) because the concept is same.

Requirements : USB Flash Drive Sandisk 8 GB

Here are the two steps :

Erase the Sandisk Flash Drive with name : “ElCapInstaller” 

Run the command below through “Terminal” to create OS X El Capitan Installer :

sudo /Applications/Install OS X El –volume /Volumes/ElCapInstaller –applicationpath /Applications/Install OS X El –nointeraction

Done. Now  you’ve created the OS X El Capitan Installer Bootable USB Flash Drive successfully. You can use it to install the Fresh / Clean install of OS X El Capitan or to update the previous OS X to OS X El Capitan :).

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