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Last week I got an invitation from Telkom University ( d/h STT Telkom )  to give a presentation regarding the Information Security for an International class students at Telkom University. I really excited because this is the international class students and should be delivered in English. Not because I’m the expert in English but this is the right time for me to learn and practice to deliver the presentation in English. I keep learn and practice as well. Beside that In my humble opinion, the students in the university should learn Information Security as soon as possible and if they’re interested in the field, they are able to create the right path in the Information Security career later.

Almost 3 years I have not been to go to my university ( now Telkom University ) and it’s very awesome right now. There are many changes in the university starting the building, laboratory, lecturing system, etc. I’m not able to disclose one by one because this is not the right time :p.

Okay, if you’re students and would be interest to learn a lil bit regarding the Information Security and What should be prepared to become Information Security Professional, you’re able to read my slide below But if you’re already an Information Security Professional, I’d like to suggest you to skip this blog post :).

Last but not least, I’d like to say Thank you very much for the Telkom University with the best lecture such as Mr. Inung W, Mrs. Andini and Mr. Tomy. Thanks for your kind , see you soon in the next moment 🙂

The Students after class

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