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A small notes regarding the Information Security, Penetration Testing, and OS X

Offsec Students on Twitter

Twitter is a powerful social media , especially if we'd like to get news from a specific and special person. For example, if you're interested in information security and penetration testing  you're able to follow the Offsec Students on Twitter or subscribe the list...

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Fresh Install of OS X El Capitan

As usual, I always excited with the new OS X. I just finish install the latest OS X ( OS X El Capitan ) on my MacBook Pro. I decide to do clean install. It's more stable and lighter than doing upgrade from the OS X Yosemite. The one thing that must be done is backup...

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Finally, I do a Clean Install of iOS 9

As many folks know that it's better to do clean install of iOS if there is a new release version such as recently iOS 9 released. Because I'm too busy with some works at office and studying some course materials, I just click install the software update through OTA ....

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Kali 2.0 Dojo Materials

Just a quickly post, if you'd like to know about Kali 2.0 Dojo kindly to visit . Now the materials are online and grab it fast here : Thanks to  muts and Offsec for the...

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My iPhone 5s Gold with iOS 8

Alhamdulillah , setelah berhasil terjual iPhone 5 white saya beberapa bulan yang lalu akhirnya kebeli juga iPhone 5s . Pertimbangan saya menjual iPhone 5 adalah uangnya dipakai untuk modal bisnis jual beli produk Apple juga ( Maklum butuh modal hehe ).  Setelah rejeki...

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How to find iBook directory on OS X Mavericks

if you're an os x mavericks user and like reading some books using iBooks application,  It's important for you to know where the iBook directory were located. Because sometime you need to backup them . Here is my short tips to find the iBook directory on Mac OS X...

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