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I just install the iOS 7.0.2 on my iPad 3 Wifi GSM. Previously my ipad has been installed the iOS 6.1.2 jailbroken. Because till today there is no jailbreak untethered for iOS 7 released, so i decide to install the latest version of iOS right now ( iOS 7.0.2 ).

Below the step by step to install the iOS 7.0.2 on iPad 3 WiFi GSM :

  1. Backup , sync, and transfer your application from iPad to your MacBook Pro using iTunes.
  2. Download the ipsw file from here :,3_7.0.2_11A501_Restore.ipsw
  3. Plug in your iPad to your MacBook Pro
  4. Hold the “Option” key then locate the ipsw to start the installation ( restore the iPad )
  5. Please wait till the process finish.

For more details, you’re able to watch my Vimeo video below :

( Thanks for your help, @3rr0rists 🙂 )

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